After the recent success on the quartz world,
we decided to really put all our cultural and experience in the watchmaking world to good use to create our first automatic mechanical watch.
We think we still have a lot to say and demonstrate.

With Letizia Collection our project takes even more shape.
Obviously totally made in Swiss pieces, carefully detailed from which classic Italian design styles blossom, accompany this collection in the market of the 'big-brands', starting a new path that we are sure will bring great satisfaction to us and our customers.



Eos is a character from Greek mythology.

It is the Greek goddess of dawn.

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, capable of still being prophetic, anachronistic and current, we decided to start this project by imagining it as the beginning of a new and exciting journey.

Every life starts like a new day.
Every day starts with a sunrise.

Which subject to represent it better?

Eos is the synopsis of this research.

The dial draws a wavy pattern, painting with all the colors of dawn and night.
Like a sunrise that is reflected in the calm surface of the sea Eos represent the birth.

The fine guillochè process can also be exchanged for the shape of a flower, a symbol precisely of a spring at the door, surrounded by drop-shaped indexes.

Eos is the point where it all begins.
The horizon is the goal.


In the religions of ancient Greece, Selene is the ititanide of the Moon, daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helium (the Sun) and Eos (Aurora).


The moon.
The man and his dream.

Since the dawn of time, the moon has always been a very fascinating object, always present in man's reflections.

With this project we have decided to give a face to our goal, metaphorically represented par excellence by the dream of man from birth: conquering the impossible.

Citing also a famous album, 'the dark side of the moon' still reserves an aura of mysterious greed.

The value and effects of the moon are often underestimated today.
In the past it was a litmus test to identify cycles: agriculture, seasons, tides...

The moon is given to lovers, is given to observers, poses for painters.

It is changeable and of infinite meanings.

This watch it's a tribute to the moon. 


As anticipated in Selene, the father could not be missing.

The sun.
The life.

Hyperion represents the origin of the world, in the delicate and complex balance between day and night, sun and moon. The sun is, per antonomasia, the symbol of the day, of birth, of life.

The night follows him, darker but necessary for the sun to born again.

Every day is a bit like a small death and a small rebirth.

The dial draws a ying-yang to represent the complex balance that puts this project on stage.

Light and dark.

As our challenge.

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