Any watch purchased from Stefano Braga Watches is guaranteed by us for a period of 4 years from the original purchase date and activation of it.

This warranty covers: the operation of the movement for a period of four years from the original purchase date, except for the battery and strap.

The strap has a 1 year warranty with the exclusion of wear problems.

The guarantee does not cover:

- Battery.
- Normal wear damages (for example scratches on the metal surface or on the glass, alteration of colors).
- Damage to the watch due to inappropriate use (e.g. lack of care, neglect, accidents, blows, breakages).
- Mistreatment, such as violent impacts, exposure to corrosive materials, excessive temperatures.
- Incorrect time setting without following the instructions.
- Theft or loss.
- Repair carried out by an unauthorized Stefano Braga Watches service center.
- Exposure to powerful magnetic fields.
- Any damage caused by water that exceeds the resistance limits declared by the manufacturer.

    The international guarantee issued by SBW is applied to all watches. in case of problems, contact customer service at:

    Note: any repair of an automatic or mechanical quartz watch by a service center not authorized by SBW will void the warranty.