All new watches purchased from SBW come with our four year warranty. All items sold by SBW are 100% brand new. If your watch has a problem, we have a state of the art repair center on premises. We can fix the problems in-house on any mechanical, automatic or quartz watch.


Contact our Customer Support team by email at info@stefanobragawatches.com

Our support agents will give you instructions for returning the watch to us. Once we receive your watch, we will evaluate it, determine what needs to be repaired and how long the repair will take and provide you with a specific estimate. Once the repair is complete, we will carefully check the watch to ensure it is operating properly before returning it to you.


Watches, especially mechanical and automatic winding, are very complex. Some have over 400 very small parts. Our watchmakers are skilled at disassembling, fixing and putting your watch back together with the most precision and care. It's important that we take our time and make sure it works perfectly before sending it back to you. As a result, some repairs may take a long time to complete. Combined with the time needed to evaluate and quality check once the repair is complete, most repairs will take approximately 4-10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the watch and the problem.

We work hard to guarantee that we return your watch in perfect working order and we appreciate your patience while your watch is being serviced.