Our quest went further: customer happiness and the possibility of a greener future.
Maintaining high standards of classic Swiss Made quality, we sought out the best handcrafted materials and personally checked the recycling production chains of them.

What we have to offer is a unique panorama to help the planet and our future: sustainable products and quality.

With the introduction of the new, improved and lighter models, vegetable leather and the new watch box, made entirely of 100% recycled materials, we have lightened our environmental footprint, reducing CO2 emissions from manufacturing and transport by around 50%.

No Animal Products

Respect for all forms of life is one of our cornerstones and inspirations. This is why we have decided to move away from animal skins to durable and quality but vegetable-based materials, specially for our straps and watch boxes.

Our intention is to participate, in our own small way, in making the planet a better place for all life forms that inhabit it.

Vegetable Leather

Our vegetable leather is made in Italy, our origins, and therefore handcrafted to a high standard.
Visibly it is very similar to animal leather to the point that you can confuse them, but with a sustainable origin.

Like any leather, if subjected to extremely adverse conditions, it may discolour exactly like animal leather, giving it a vintage feel.

Comfortable to the touch, it feels very comfortable worn on the wrist, giving a unique look.
Special treat: the vegetable leather is also waterproof.

Obviously, as with any leather, we advise against diving or showering while wearing it in order to best preserve it.

Recycled Materials

With the introduction of the new watch box made of completely recycled materials and the vegetable leather strap, a big step forward has been taken.

Of course, we do not stop here: we look to our future with confidence and full of certainty.
We believe that in the next five to ten years we will be able to further reduce our environmental impact by offering a quality product that is 100% sustainable.



We‘re improving the social and environmental impact of our products by sourcing artisanal materials, upcycled packaging, and sustainable straps.

All this without renouncing, but rather increasing, what most distinguishes us: Swiss Made quality and Italian design.



Italian craftsmanship.

This might already be enough to indicate its quality, but we don't want to stop there.
The skins chosen, of non-animal but vegetable origin, are the best on the market, guaranteeing the same quality standards as animal skins.
The process of manufacturing vegetable skins, for a better sustainability.



Our eco-friendly watch box, made from 100% recycled paper, is part of our sustainability efforts to reduce the negative environmental impact.

Its small weight also means that the average distance a box travels is reduced by almost 40-50 % greatly reducing CO2 emissions.


Discover our most successful models, our history and what made us what we are today.

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