Our Logo - The myth behind the scenes

From the first day we wanted to create something unique.

Something that was strong, sensitized and spiritually elevated to be enclosed in a single symbol.

We felt the need to create an unrepeatable unicuum, full of univocal concepts aimed at consecrating a new ambrosia and desire to the temple of being.

The snake, also known as 'uroboros', represents all of this.

Cyclicity, ambition, immortality, perfection.

At the same time, mythology offers an interesting insight into the figure of the snake, well represented by Medusa herself.

It is said that she was able to hypnotize and petrify a man with the strength of his gaze and with her snakes-hair.

This is what we hope for when you look at one of our watches.

Petrified yes, but of wonder and beauty.

Uroboros - The eternal Snake

It represents a snake biting its own tail, forming a circle with no beginning or end.

Seemingly immobile, but in eternal movement, it represents the power that devours and regenerates itself, the universal energy that is consumed and constantly renewed, the cyclical nature of things, which start again from the beginning after reaching their own end.

It therefore symbolizes unity, the totality of the whole, infinity, eternity, cyclical time, eternal return, immortality and perfection.

For us it is a declaration of intent: the beginning of a cycle that was already underway.
Maybe we belong to our destiny, maybe we create it.

In a place of appearances, where the horizon is only a distant mist, the path counts as or even more than the goal.

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