Our story begins in Tramelan, a small town in the Bernese canton, in Switzerland.

This place has been the center of watchmaking since ancient times.

Our Italian origin with the local tradition pushed us to create something unique.

It all started in 2018. Walking through the stands of the Basel Fair, Stefano Braga understood the importance and prestige of the work that his father Fernando had been doing for years.
Fernando has spent his entire life learning the secrets of watchmaking, working with important teachers and being trained by them. It brings with it secular knowledge. Stefano understood from him that being a watchmaker does not only mean "making a watch", but there is much more: in-depth knowledge, intuition, manual skills and above all passion. A watch is not just an object, worn on the wrist, but centennial experience and knowledge that is jealously handed down.

  • Hyperion DAY&NIGHT Watch, Green Dial with Guillochage, D.L.C. Case, Swiss Made, Italian Handmade Leather strap, Ying-Yang shape dial, 3ATM, 24H Disk


    More than 250 PCS sold in 24 hours.

    Total model sold: 1500 pcs in 5 months.


    More than 250 PCS sold in 24 hours.

    Total model sold: 1500 pcs in 5 months.

  • ÈOS SBW watches, Swiss Made, Grey Dial with Guillochage, Stainless Steel 316L with D.L.C. treatment case, Italian Handmade Leather strap


    First model produced with a successfull crow-funding campaign. Sold out in 1 year.


The first watch in the world with half Day&Night dial, inspired by Ying-Yang shape and philosophy. Product completely Swiss Made certified, worked by Swiss master watchmakers.

Hyperion, in Greek mythology, represents the pillar of the East. The watch is characterized by the YING-YANG shape that recalls the balance of the phases SUN-Moon, Day-Night. The perfect orderly cycle of the day is marked by the 24H disk.


SBW watch with the biggest Moon Phase in the world. Product completely Swiss Made certified, worked by Swiss master watchmakers.

SELENE is the Greek goddess of the Moon as well as its personification. Watch with sinuous and soft shapes, characterized by the largest moon phase in the world.

Seductive and unique.

ÈOS SBW Swiss Made Watch, Stainless Steel 316L with Black D.L.C. treatment, High Resistance Fabric Strap, Green Dial with Guillochagè


Stefano Braga Watches ÈOS unique, innovative and refined design. Completely Swiss Made product worked by Swiss master watchmakers.

ÈOS is the goddess of dawn in Greek mythology. According to legend, every morning she mourns her son who died in war. For this reason, again according to legend, every morning dew would be formed from her tears.


​Our mission is to consolidate an innovative response, capable of blending tradition and modernity in a single solution.

We only produce Swiss Made products.

We are a group with many years of experience in the sector in which expert watchmakers operate who have made their work their life mission. We would like to give you the opportunity to know our products.

We try to create unique botique products that are as well cared for as possible and can be described as sustainable.
We believe that a healthier planet for all may already be a good reason to continue our work, but it is not enough: we will continue our 'banner' by increasing the quality of the pieces, the design, the refinement of the workmanship, winking at sustainability and reducing the negative impact of production chains and transport.