Our story begins in Tramelan, a small town in the Bernese canton, in Switzerland.

This place has been the center of watchmaking since ancient times.
We realized that, despite the great brands present in the area, the way of presenting them and selling them has remained far too anchored to traditions.

Our mission is to consolidate an innovative response, capable of blending tradition and modernity in a single solution.

We are a group with many years of experience in the sector in which expert watchmakers operate who have made their work their life mission. We would like to give you the opportunity to know our products.

​And we are different.

We want total customer satisfaction: fair prices on the market, always high quality and operating through a direct channel with the customer are our cornerstones.

It all started in 2018. Walking through the stands of the Basel Fair, Stefano Braga understood the importance and prestige of the work that his father Fernando had been doing for years.
Fernando has spent his entire life learning the secrets of watchmaking, working with important teachers and being trained by them. It brings with it secular knowledge. Stefano understood from him that being a watchmaker does not only mean "making a watch", but there is much more: in-depth knowledge, intuition, manual skills and above all passion. A watch is not just an object, worn on the wrist, but centennial experience and knowledge that is jealously handed down.

Now the question was: how to be competitive?

Most luxury watches have a price derived, in addition to the choice of the best materials, from the result of expensive advertising, marketing campaigns, distributors and inefficient sales channels. We decided to get rid of all this, simplifying the process.

But why watches do not have the same value even if materials are more or less similar?

The answer is easier than expected:

  • The materials are similar, it is true, but not the same. The use of similar materials leads to acceptable initial aesthetics and functionality but, over time, the obvious differences emerge.

  • The cultural background and experience in the sector are the point of this diversity.

This is what identifies their quality, the true guarantee index.

And our products have it all.